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Welcome to my web site!

"Yaa devi sarvabhootheshu
 Mathruroopena samsthitha
 Namasthasye namasthasye
 Namasthasye namo namaha"

(Saluations to the Devi again and again
 who abides in all beings in the form of Mother!)

I am honored that you are visiting my web site. Being a religious person, I am always striving to find new ways to get my ideas out to my friends. This web site allows me to reach people I may never have been able to contact before.

Please use this site to access my ideas of the Supreme Entity whom I have felt and I always believe is with me. If this site paves the way as a resource for broadening your vision and faith I feel richly rewarded. I look forward to hearing from you and getting involved in fruitful discussions.
I am going to talk about the Mother. Yes,  my mother. Your  mother. And every body's Mother. How can I describe her who sublimes in the entire Universe like salt in seawater and radiance in sunrays! I know her only in one form: Mother.  Mother, who forgives my mistakes, loves, consoles teases and protects me as a tigress that fiercely protects her cubs. When I say my morning and evening prayers, I experience her fingers gently caressing my head, her glances full of compassion soothe my body and soul, her lips seem to call me, "My child!"
What else I want in this world!
This is my experience. You can also have the same. Just call Mother. She is there waiting near you. Waiting for your call.

Shodasaakshari and Panchadasaakshari are considered to be two kernal moola manthras(Seed syllables)of Sakthi Upaasana. Either of these manthras is to be acquired from a Guru who is essentially a Sakthi Upaasaka and practise the same strictly according to his instructions.Panchadasaakshari Manthra is as follows and an addition of syllable "Shrim" at the end will convert the same to Shodasaakshari

ka e i la hrim
ha sa ka ha la hrim
sa ka la him


Give me, O Mother, a death with out agony,a life with out sufferings and adamant devotion to you!