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Why Mother?
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A Short Note On Sakta Cult

Yes, why Mother? we all know that the Ultimate is with out form or  any attribute. Then why I preferred to call the Ultimate 'Mother'? A lot of reasons. First one is that every living thing on earth is basically attached to his/her/its mother. No human being is there who does not remember his or her mother in the period of agony and anxiety. We know that the mother is the only court of justice who bails you out of any drastic crime. That is mother! If a mother of an individual is like that, just imagine the Mother of Universe! She is always there to help and support us and also punish us with small beatings. The same hands which punish reach out to soothe and comfort . Love her. She will return love in million-fold. Just think of her, she is with you. I have personally experienced it.   
It happened in early 90s. I was walking on the pavements of Avenue Road in Bangalore city, in an October evening along with one of my relatives who had come from Kerala. All on a sudden, a small book which was lying among the old books which were exhibited for sale caught my attention. I picked up that book and found it was not used at all. It was Devimahaathmya or Durga Sapta Sati. On being asked the price, the vender was more than willing to give free of cost. It was in Devanagari script with English translation. During my Friday Evening Lalita Sahasra Naama pujas I started reciting 5th chapter of Devimahaathmya also.
      I was learning advanced astrology at that time. I found in my horoscope that my Upaasana murthi was Chandika.  By the way, Devi Mahaathmya is devoted to Chandika. Thereafter I discussed these events to my Astro Guru and my cousin, Sri.Kolayamparambath Aravindaksha Menon. He told me that it was destined that I had to take initiation in Durga Sapta Sloki, which is the essence of Devi Mahaathmya. I remembered a learned person who advised me to recite Lalitha Sahasranama to ward off the bad times. When I told my problem to him  he happily agreed to initiate me to Durga Sapta  Sloki and on a Vijaya Dasami day the ritual was done. After the initiation ceremony he asked me why I did not take manthropadesha for Shodashi. Shodashi or Shodashakshari (sixteen lettered seed manthra) is one of the most potent manthras in Sakta tradition, and I was not knowing if I am eligible for it. It is said,"Do not impart the sixteen lettered lore to the persons who are not eligible, even if you are threatened with the death" (Siddha-yaamala Verses 68-69).  I knew my time had come and accepted the initiation to Shodashi Vidya.
      After this my life changed drastically. My Guru, Brahmasri Vadakkedath Jathavedan Namboodiri, did not give me any instruction regarding changing my life style. He told me when Mother wishes she herself will change my life style. And it happened. The man who used to wake up at 7 in the morning started to get up at 4 am and finish all japas by 6. Still she is working on me and I am happy.

Mother as protector- Kali

Nature is multifaceted. With one hand she showers life-giving water and with other hand she creates floods. It is the same Nature, which benevolently renders the sunlight and on the other hand bakes the living beings in desert. There is a verse in Durga Sapta Sati,
   "Rogaanusheshaan apahamsi thushta,
   rushta thu kaamaan sakalaanabhishtan
   Thwamaashrithanaam na vipannaraanaam,
   Thwamaashritha hyashrayathaam prayaanthi"{11th Chapter.Verse 29)
It roughly means when she is pleased she removes all hassles and problems and when she is displeased she brings forth all calamities. It is the same mother who abides in the home of pious as Mahalakshmi and in the home of wicked as Jyeshta. She is both Vidya and Avidya-Knowledge and Ignorance or Jnana and Maya. She is the same mother who protects and loves you, swallowed the demon Raktabeeja. She is both light as well as darkness.


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