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A short note on Kundalini
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A Short Note On Sakta Cult

Kundalini is a very important concept in Sakta tradition. The cosmic energy is dorment in mooladhara of sadhaka(Devotee) and by means of intense meditation and sadhana it is awaken and raises to Sahsrara kamala(thousand petalled lotus) which is the final destination, passing through various chakras(plexus). This process takes many years of intense sadhana. In each chakra, Devi is worshipped in a different form.The Union of Siva and sakti takes place in the sahsradalakamalam. If a devotee is able to reach that level he becomes beyond births and deaths.
Let us start from the scratch.Mooladhara is the basic plexus and it is situated at the base of susumna, described as four petalled lotus and constituted the earth element. The Cosmic Sakthi, Tripurasundari, or energy, is dorment like a coiled serpent. The  second plexus is six petalled Svadhishtana chakra which is situated below the gentitals and fire is the constituent element. Above Svadhishtana chakra, at the level of navel is placed the ten petalled Manipoora chakra with water is the element. At the level of heart situates Anahatha chakra with twelve petals and air as the element. Below the level of throat is Visuddhi chakra and it is sixteen petalled and element is Akaasa. The sixth Plexus is Ajna chakra with two petals constituting the element of Mind(Manas) which includes five organs of knowledge and five organs of action.
When by scientific practice of pranayaama and meditation the kundalilni(the cosmic energy) which is dorment at mooladhaara is awaken and ascents to the higher level of plexus by means of power of concentaration generated by japa and pranayaama coupled with sadhana. The final stage is when Shakthi in the form of cosmic energy reaches the brain(Sahasradalakamala) to unite with the paramaathma, Siva.
This note is very skeletal, I know. Those who are interested are recommended to go through "The Serpent Power" by Sir John Woodrof, more popularly known as Arthur Avlon. Web sites are devoted to this subject and URLs are given in the next pages.

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What ever information given above is theoretical.

In case you wish to practise Kundalini I suggest to do it under a guru who is well versed in the subject otherwise negative results may occur.

Aim   Klim    Sau